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Inspiredby2 Florist and Giftware is Honoured to Serve as a Wedding Florist in Cambridge

Inspiredby2 Florist and Giftware is well known for the personal touch we offer our customers with our floral arrangements and happily offer our services as a wedding florist in Cambridge. Everyone wants their wedding day to be as perfect as possible, and the flowers are a big part of this. Our trained and highly experienced florists are here to offer the personal touch creating wedding flowers to fit your style and that of your wedding no matter your budget.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Wedding Flowers in Cambridge

For most people, their wedding is one of the most significant events they will ever plan and with all the work that goes into it, sometimes essential aspects can be overlooked or left in the hands of someone who isn’t up to the challenge. This oversight is one of the most common mistakes made with wedding flowers, and one we can help solve with you. Here are a few of the other errors we can help you avoid:

  • Your wedding is your day so the flowers should match you and meet your needs. We are happy to work with you to design unforgettable wedding flowers. The cost of weddings can be astronomical, and for this reason, we are delighted to work within any budget to provide flowers for your big day. Pop into our store and talk to us for a quote.
  • Some brides don’t come into their wedding with their style of flower in mind. Our highly trained and experienced florists are more than happy to help you find blooms and combine everything appropriate for your wedding.
  • Setting up your flowers can be a job in and of itself. For weddings in the Cambridge area, we offer free delivery and venue set up. Delivery can also be arranged within the greater Waikato area.

Related Services We Provide as a Wedding Florist in Cambridge NZ

As a florist and giftware shop, wedding flowers are only one of the services we proudly offer the Cambridge community. A few of the other ways we can brighten your day or that of a loved one include:

  • Our florists are here to provide the same level of personalised service give to our wedding customers from start to finish with all the bouquets we make. Flowers are one of the great gifts for almost any occasion.
  • When you want to give more than flowers, our gifts and gift baskets offer fantastic options from candy and chocolates to gift baskets tailored for life’s most significant events.
  • Fresh flowers in the workplace can brighten the day of both your employees and customers. We can provide regular deliveries to keep your office in bloom.

About Inspiredby2 Florist and Giftware

Inspiredby2 Florist and Giftware is a mother and daughter business that grew out of our passion for the freshest flowers and our desire to offer them to the other members of our community along with giftware. Our florists excel at bringing the personal touch to every arrangement and bouquet, regardless of the budget. Contact us today if you are ready to get that personal touch with your wedding flowers in Cambridge NZ.


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