Spring flowers are popping up already !

It seems far too early but nature has a different idea! In Cambridge and across the Waikato we are already getting the pleasure of tulips, daffodils, iris and other Spring flowers.

Spring flowers are a lovely gift option if you want to brighten someone's day or even your own.

Most flowers have meanings and I've listed several below that I found interesting.

Daffodils symbolise re-birth and new beginnings.

The meaning of tulips is perfect love.

It is said that purple iris were painted on the graves of women in Ancient Greece to summon the goddess Iris to guide them on the journey to heaven.

No matter what the meaning or what they symbolise, when sending flowers it only matters what they mean to you and the person receiving them.

Come in-store and see our range of beautiful Spring flowers or contact us by phone to order a bouquet.


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